Harry James, in partnership with ISWP Group, can support local authorities in securing high calibre Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Nurses and Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Support Workers placements on both a locum and permanent basis.

We already work directly with a number of local councils across the UK, providing highly trained and well-supported professionals Social Workers, Psychologists and Psychiatrists who complete specialist assessments in family law, child protection and safeguarding. We also provide Support Workers to support children within residential settings and for children, young people and families in respect of community-based activities within the Health and Social Care sector.


Through our partnership with the ISWP Group we have a truly unique project offering and, in some areas of the UK, accommodation support for our project teams.

We complete social work assessments for private law family proceedings, LAC, CP and safeguarding.  The assessments we complete include Parenting Assessments, Sibling Assessments, Risk Assessments, SGO and Kinship Assessments PAMS, Age Assessments, Immigration Human Rights Reports and Section 7 Reports. We also complete Quality Assurance work and audits for Children Services Department, notably CP, LAC, Fostering, Adoption and Safeguarding.

We are a leading provider in terms of supply of bilingual Social Workers who can complete assessments and deliver services as locums to clients using various languages such as Polish, Romanian, Portuguese, Russian, French, Germany, various African languages including Swahili, Shona, Kikuyu, Yoruba, Hausa, Ndebele, Xhosa,  Zulu, Swatini, Twi and Akan. We also have social workers who can conduct assessments in Asian Indian and Pakistan languages speakers Urdu, Hindi, Potwari, Pahari, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali. Additionally, we have social workers who can conduct assessments in Pigeon and Creole.

We also provide support work through our team of skilled Support Workers who deliver services which include family welfare visits, child and family contact supervision, community work and parenting work.

Furthermore, we provide EDT back up services, skilled support workers and social workers to assist with emergency support for foster placements, child placement moves and emergency child transport outside Local Authority normal working hours.

Why use us to find a new job

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We go the extra mile to provide full support and exclusive opportunities for jobseekers.

For our Health and Social Care Workers who choose locum work through Harry James, in collaboration with the ISWP Group, we can offer the following range of work:

  • Locum and service improvement project work; we are in a unique project work requiring our Support Workers to work away from home can be some project work requires relocation which we are in a unique position to often accommodation to support Social Workers who may take up project work away from home)
  • Complete expert social work assessments including occupational therapy, psychologist-led therapy and assessments and psychiatric assessments
  • Ability to undertake social work led family contact supervision
  • Opportunities to work on quality assurance IRO / independent LAC / CP reviewing chair and audit work within local authorities, some of which can be home based
  • Work relating to LA complaints and Special Child Protection Investigations including serious case reviews
  • Statutory visits – LAC and Child Protection for Out of Area Local Authority Placements
  • Foster carer / fostering complaints investigations
  • Interim supervision of foster carers for IFA or local authorities for out of area kinship placements

Why use us to hire for your vacancies

``Harry James Recruitment is able to offer a truly unique service package.``

In partnership with the ISWP Group we are able to offer our clients the following services amongst others:

  • Recruitment of locum Social Workers and social work project teams
  • Supply of bilingual Social Workers for independent social work assessments, locum placements and project work, both in the UK and internationally
  • International recruitment of Social Workers, Nurses and Health and Social Care professionals
  • Recruitment of permanent staff
  • Supply of specialist Support Workers to children’s homes, family contact, parenting work and community support
  • Quality assurance and audits for children services notably CP, LAC, fostering, adoption and safeguarding
  • Emergency duty support for call outs and back up support